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The DDM models DC-6000D and DC-4500GP are built with powerful drive motors.  More details on these units can be found on the website Deck Crawlers page.

Pricing is here


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Model DC-6000D Electric

Vacuum decking tools available from DDM Power Tools:


Model DC-4500GP Pneumatic 


The DDM models NS-4500V is designed for "pick-up" work or small repairs.   Details can be found here:   website Electric Vacuum Needle Scaler.




  Model NS-4500V Vacuum Electric Needle Scaler 

NS-1500 Attachment only.jpg
NS-1500V .jpg

If you have a few needle scalers onboard we can retro-fit them with a vacuum attachment.  Just let us know the make and model.  This attachment works for in-line needle scalers but not pistol grip.  For more information click here.

  Model NS-1500V Vacuum Needle Scaler Attachment

NS-2500V .jpg

 Model NS-2500V is a kit designed for lead abatement in exterior spaces.  For more information click here.

  Model NS-2500V Vacuum Needle Scaler Kit

NS-3500V cropped .jpg

  Model NS-3500V Vacuum Needle Scaler Kit

  Model NS-3500V is a kit designed for lead abatement in interior spaces.  All of the attachment will allow the worker to completely clean the space of lead-contaminated dust before he begins the removal process.  For more information click here.  

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