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NS-2500V Vacuum Needle Scaler Outdoor Kit - $449.00

NS-2500 Vacuum needle Scaler kit

We call the NS-2500V an outdoor kit because it's likely that outdoor spaces exposed to weather, etc. Will have an accumulation of contaminated dust sitting on the surface. It just seems that all of the attachments you get with the NS-3500V Indoor Kit will be kind of overkill so we made up the kit you see and designated it the "Outdoor Kit" as if we were the authority or something.  You can order this with your brand of needle scaler as long as it looks something like this:

Just tell us what manufacturer you are using and we'll match it.  If you don't specify a model we'll use our popular Texas Pneumatic model  TX1BLTNS.  

 you have too many needle scalers already then see our Model NS-1500 Vacuum Attachment.

Here's some information for understanding lead abatement regulations

Outdoor Kit Contents

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