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Model:  NS-4500V  Electric Needle Scaler W/Vacuum Attachment     $1085.00

Vacuum electric needle scalers

The NS-4500V is perfect for those small pick-up jobs where something got missed or it's an extremely small job to begin with.  You'll notice the absence of a typical vacuum brush at the end of the nosepiece.  During testing we discovered it was unnecessary.  The vacuum will actually pickup debris from about a 1/2" around the perimeter of the nosepiece.  You can shape this nosepiece with your hand to conform to random shaped surfaces.  Our attachment (DDM NS-1500V) has been successful since 2001 on other pneumatic needle scalers so our engineers adapted it to fit the Nitto Kohki EJC-32A.  Lead abatement testing shows 8mg of particulate per cubic meter of   This tool has been in production for over 25 years, it's solid as a rock and was designed as an electric needle scaler not as a rotary hammer drill with a scaler attachment. 

The NS-4500V works in conjunction with your HEPA vacuum or you can make life simple by using our NS-5000V Backpack HEPA vacuum as shown in the photo.  This vacuum has an additional 110V plug at the waistband to plug in your vacuum needle scaler.

The NS-4500V is shipped complete with no assembly required.  There is an additional set of needles included with necessary instructions and tools. When you purchase the 4500V and 5000V assembly, all connections are included.

NS-4500   Electric Needle Scaler W/O Vacuum                                $875.00

NS-4500V Electric Needle Scaler with Vacuum Attachment          $985.00 

NS-5000V HEPA Backpack Vacuum                                                $449.00

NS-4500V Scaler with NS-5000V HEPA Vacuum Combo             $1,284.00

We recommend  30 minutes on trigger and 30 minutes of rest for the tool. 

This is just a guideline. Pay attention to the warmth of the tool.  That's the same for any electric tool.

Specifications and Needle Chart

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