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In 1996 DDM Power Tools set out to improve and manufacture a single power tool and make it the best on the market.  Great value, great quality, and great price is what we kept concentrating on.  After 2-3 years we felt we had achieved our goal when in fact we were far from finished.  Over the next 10 years our material and manufacturing techniques changed as we received more and more feedback from our customers.  We kept listening and eventually we felt our Deck Crawler was the best on the market and that it was the best quality, best value and best price.  The Deck Crawler or Deck Scarifier was our first tool and the one that generated excitement and the desire to develop other new attachments that were needed in the decking/surface preparation industry.


I had a meeting with a major air tool manufacturer in 2001 while we were still working on the Deck Crawler.  I asked him if he had thought much about lead abatement and vacuum needle scalers as a good choice for most abatement applications.  He had been thinking about it and asked DDM to design one.  We did and within a year we were in production.  Vacuum needle scalers have expanded to include backpack HEPA vacuum cleaners and electric vacuum needle scalers.  Google "vacuum needle scalers", click on Images, and see how many other

companies have jumped on board. 


Please take a look around our site and notice all of the additional industry information we have made available.  If you have any questions you can easily contact me at  I look forward to it.


Richard Gross, President

DDM Power Tools



President of DDM Power Tools
Richard Gross
Founder and Principle
DDM Power Tools Accounting Manager
Charlotte Trombino
Accounting Manager

Richard Gross has been in the air and electric tool business since 1967; or about 15 years?    

Charlotte has been with the company since its inception in 1996.

Vice President - Marketing
June Verbracken
VP Marketing

June is our marketing specialist and has been with the company since its inception in 1996.

Manufacturing and Assembly Manager
Bill Gross
MFG and Assembly MGR

Bill is in charge of manufacturing and assembly and has been with the company since 2006.

Retired employee's photo

Retired employees who keep horning in on company picnics and such.  

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