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Backpack HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

We added the NS-5000V H.E.P.A. Backpack Vacuum to our product line because we were asked to.  Several of our customers complained about having to drag hoses and compressors or power cords or even generators out to a site for an overlooked portion of the project so we took on the task of developing a system that was easy to use and maintain.

We tested and approved the NS-5000V and added a 110V outlet to the waste-band to accommodate our NS-4500V Vacuum Electric Needle Scaler. 

The vacuum comes with all the standard vacuum attachments, extra bags and extra H.E.P.A. filters.  


NS-5000 H.E.P.A. Backpack Vacuum $349.00

This GV 10 Quart HEPA commercial aluminum backpack vacuum is super lightweight and super easy to use.  It includes 3 stage filtration and only weighs 11 lbs. 


3 stage filtration - sealed HEPA filter with 10 quart SMS washable cloth bad and 6 HEPA filtration bags will last a long time.  Supplies are readily available from DDM Power Tools.  

This is a powerful 110 CFM and 120 inches of water lift for powerful containment of lead particulates.  You won't find a backpack vacuum with more power (most are under 100 inches of water lift)

Unit includes crevice tool, duster brush, upholstery tool with slide off brush, deluxe floor tool and vacuum head with brush roll-air driven mini head.  It is easy to use on any surface.  

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