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Air Tool Flush is used to clean the air motor or valve and piston parts within the air tool.  This solvent will save you many repair hours if you wish to use it.  Just trying to save you a few bucks here.


The idea is to pour 1/2-1 ounce in the air inlet, cover the exhaust port of the tool with a rag, hook the air line up again and pull the trigger.  You can do this until you feel satisfied the tool is performing to your standards.  Now unplug the air line and add about 1/2 ounce of air tool oil, reconnect the air, cover the exhaust port with a rag and pull the trigger.

Tip of the day:  Take a look at the exhaust of your air tools and you'll get a real good idea of the amount of crap in the air you are hooked up to.  Most of that crap is exhausted but not all of it.  Some is left behind to build up and eventually cause a failure.

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