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55.90/Set of 102


CB-08A - 1-1/2 OD x 5/8" ID x 1/8" thick) cutters can only be used with the DC-2500GP and GPV Deck Crawlers.  If used at higher speeds the teeth might shatter causing several new problems.  

There are 102 cutters to a set and they are used alternatively with the CB-09A hardened structural spacers.  See cutter bundle rebuilding instructions within this site.  For use with cutter bundle CB-00.

CB-09A Cutter Teeth Spacers
CB-08A Cutter Teeth Sets

6.65/Set of 102  Slow speed Deck Crawlers

4.25/Set of 65    Use with 1-5/8 cutters x 1/8"

3.25/Set of 50    Use with 1-5/8 cutters x 3/16"

CB-09A - Cutter Teeth spacers are designed to work with all DDM air and electric Deck Crawlers.  These spacers help dissipate heat and lower the aggressiveness of coating removal by only 10-15% but reduce the cost of cutter replacement by 30-35%.  Some jobs require a light touch so install spacers according to your application, however, always keep the same count of cutters and spacers the same on each bundle pin.  When you run an unbalanced cutter bundle you shorten the life of the drive motor as well as the bundle.  

CB-08 Cutter Teeth Set

CB-08 HD - Cutter Teeth (1-1/4 OD x 5/8 x  3/16") are standard heavy duty DC-Mini Cutter Teeth Sets.


CB-08 Blunt - Cutter Teeth (1-1/4 OD x 5/8 x 1/8") are blunt cutters that are not very aggressive.  Best used for aluminum coating removal.


  CB-08 HD      35.00/Set of 40 for DC-Mini 

  CB-08 Blunt  35.00/Set of 56 for DC-Mini

DDM Cutter Teeth

82.50/Set of 85

54.30/Set of 50 cutters & 50 spacers


CB-08HS-HD -  1-5/8" OD x 5/8" ID x 3/16" thick).  Since the 50;s the 1/8" thickness of cutter teeth has been the standard for handheld Deck Crawlers.  Until the last few years the highest RPM crawler you could find was 5000.  Then came 6000 and then came 8500.  The 8500 RPM units have proven to be the best at removing nonskid in a hurry.  Problem is the cutter teeth can't take it.  They get extremely hot and shatter, sending shrapnel in every direction.


We've tested over 80,000 of the new heavy duty cutter (3/16" thickness) and have found a minimum of 75% increase in cutter life and no reported breakage from the field; heat or no heat.  All of our new Deck Crawlers are shipped with these cutters unless specified otherwise.  HD cutters are not shipped with DC 2500GP or GPV  (won't fit).

Our HD cutters are a milled tooth and made from a proprietary high carbon steel and heat treated to our engineer's specifications.  

For a less aggressive coating removal space each cutter with the CB-09A Spacer.  Alternate the stacking on each pin to eliminate tigerstriping.  We also refer to this type of cutter arrangement as our economy set.  
















CB-08HS-HD Cutter Teeth Set
Cutter sample

All of our cutter teeth are the hook design

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