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DDM Power Tools CB-00HS-10H Cutter Bundle

We wish we could tell you how we make this bundle; the material specs, the heat treat, the balancing, but we can't.  It would be foolish because our parts outlast the competition and we want to keep them back in the pack for as long as possible.

The CB-00HS Cutter Bundle has 5 pins holding a total of 115 1-5/8" x 5/8" x 1/8" cutter teeth or 80 of the 1-5/8" x 5/8" x 3/16" heavy duty cutters.  As of May 2014 we are shipping all CB-00HS Cutter Bundles with our newly designed 3/16" thick cutters.  Cutter life is extended by a minimum of 75% and there is no breakage reported from the field so no waste of material or labor.

This bundle configuration is called "10 hole" and is relatively new.  The additional set of holes in the upper and lower plates is your second cutter bundle.  After hundreds of hours of use the pin holes may start to wear/get egg-shaped, causing some concern.  Just rotate the pin pattern over to the fresh pin holes and move on.  Be sure to read the cutter bundle maintenance instructions and advise your personnel; you'll double the life of this part if you follow the instructions.

We suggest having at least one extra CB-00HS-10H Cutter Bundle available for each tool to expedite the replacement of cutters on the jobsite.  When the bundle is rebuilt in the shop the proper tightening and stacking procedure can be easily followed, doubling the life of the cutter bundle frame and pins.

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